A wuzzle wuzzle. A wuzzle wuzzle wuzzle. A wuzzle wuzzle wuzzle wuzzle. A wuzzle wuzzle wuzzle wuzzle wuzzle....

WuZZles are cute little furballs with large eyes, mouths, antennae, and big feet. Some people claim that they're actually WeeBles, (""Weeples?"") which are apparently something you encounter a lot when doing charity-type things for school. Technically there's some kiddie TV show out there with "Wuzzles" that are all weird two-animal crosses, but they're not as cute. Or as ill-fated.

I heard weepuls .. at least that was the name that the company that did one of those MLM/fundraising programs in my school called them -- they gave them out as prizes and they had cute names and huge feet

Weebles wobble but don't fall over. These don't sound like that type.

WuZZles were first created by SeleneTan when she was very frustrated with chemistry. She drew a WuZZle being boiled in 16M H2S04. Later WuZZles were titrated with KOH, mistaken for boiling chips, forced through diffraction gratings, used in projectile motion experiments as well as experiments testing the coefficient of friction of spike floors, and in general tortured whenever SeleneTan got annoyed with one of her classes. Sometime during SummerMath WuZZles developed the ability to radiate lightning bolts, which they used in the as-yet-unfinished WuZZleVSTribble?.

Juvenile WuZZles resemble adult WuZZles except that they lack antennae and have smaller feet. They were first created for a DE's problem, which talked about a "species" with juvenile and adult forms.

Sometime SeleneTan will get around to scanning and posting some of her WuZZle drawings online... In the meantime, feel free to torture WuZZles when you're frustrated. HWAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!

WuZZles are currently in a campaign against the WuzzleWoolfer?, a large creature that eats WuZZles. The fight is being carried out on the whiteboard of EphLanford? (JeremyLennert's roommate).

Does anyone have any suggestions for what the poor, beleaguered, WuZZles can do?

It sounds like WuZZles may be related to groodies. Someone should see what adaptations they have to live out of alcohol. Can a picture be made available?

This is the ASCII-art WuZZle that SeleneTan sent to the CS70 mailing list once upon a time. Notice how they only have two eyes, no arms, and are not drunk.

     _    _
    * \  / *
     \\  //
    \ o  o /
   >  \__/  <
    /      \ 
    _//  \\_

Further note that the ASCII art did not display correctly, possibly because of the double forward slash or double back slash or something silly like that. The ASCII art has been fixed. |O|-|34|2 |v|`/ 1337 5|<!11z. --PI2i3570v1337 #1

Be afraid: http://www.angelfire.com/in/luvwiththe80s/wuzzlepage.html

[Happy Wuzzlegiving Card]

[Merry Wuzzlemas Card]

[Beware] of [Cthuzzles.]

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy, was he?

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