YourMom is like Monkies. YourMom is magically delicious. YourMom is PurPle. YourMom is, according to schmack, a 5-d hypercube. YourMom is a NullYourMomJoke.

The term "Your Mom" has come to actually mean "JoeFrosh's" Mom, or, alternatively "ShamikMaitra's" Mom, depending on the context. It should be noted that among the HaloFrosh, it generally means DonNy's mom.

What about NatesMom??

Alternatively, it is the name of IanSchempp's computer

YourMom has become one of ChrisHanusa's retorts.

Not to mention ClayHambrick's.

(But you just did....)

And VictorWang('s).

(And close to everyone elses').

One of AdamField's favorite YourMom retorts was at his high school a few years ago: after saying nothing but "yeah, so's your mom" all lunch period, his friend was told to "shut up. That joke is really getting old," to which his response was, "yeah, so's your mom!" That is, in essence, the NullYourMomJoke. It gets made a lot. In another similar situation, someone's mom was said to not be funny.

The best YourMom joke KevinBergemann has heard was in his AP CS class. One kid, who liked Apple computers, was trying to convince the rest of us that they were superior to PCs. One of his arguments was "Well, Apple makes quality computers." Of course, the response was "Your mom makes quality computers!" His response was, "I know, she works for Apple."

MiriamLeisman notes that according to the bible, "If anyone insults his father or his mother, he shall be put to death; he has insulted his father and his mother--his bloodguilt is upon him" (Leviticus 20.9).

So make sure you never tell a YourMom joke to a sibling. -- AndrewFarmer
Too late.
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