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Aiyesha has a first name / It's A-I-Y-E-S-H-A / Aiyesha has a second name / It's M-A.

A founding member of both FunBallSuite and the SevenPeopleInGalileoSink?, and a member of CONPUED (the Coalition of Naked People Under Ejwu's Desk) and CNMDH (CoedNakedMoonlightDuneHopping).

AiyeshaMa provided much of the creative talent behind the MonkeyPuppet, the FunBallDragon, and ManyOthers.

If you ever have some free time, ask Aiyesha to read HarryPotter aloud. Nobody else really does it justice. And believe me, plenty have tried...

and she's short.

InvitedToRetire first semester 1999. Took Spring '00 as a transfer semester, and so cannot return to mudd.


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