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AlaskaUsa is the biggest, badest, bestest, and perhaps mostest backwardest and forwardest of the approximately 50 United States. Much larger than a breadbox, AlaskaUsa is, contrary to most maps, located north and west of the northwest.

Some notable things about AlaskaUsa include:

  1. Dan Meacham
  2. Eric Gross
  3. Toby
  4. Christina Blake
  5. Francis Carr
  6. Joel Groves
  7. Solvig Sieberts
  8. Jennifer Blake
  9. The Guy from Eagle River
  10. Hopefully some younger blood?

Younger Blood!

Examples of recent(er) non-East ones include

    1. Daniel Gianotti
    2. Melissa Strait
    3. James O'Grady

A suprising number of these folks lived in EastDorm.

  1. SiberianRussia
  2. YukonTerritory
  3. BritishColumbia?
  4. Arctic Ocean
  5. Bering Sea
  6. Pacific Ocean

Some say that a portion of AlaskaUsa (specifically, that part of Antarctica which has been annexed by AlaskaUsa) is in fact located within walking distance of HarveyMuddCollege. There have also been claims that AlaskaUsa is, in fact, entirely owned by MaryPeter (but only because she forgot to bring the deed to college with her, in order to sell it to MicahSmukler).

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