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"It's not a party without an M-16 or two"

AlexEng now lives in Atwood 313 with MattPrince. The room number is new, but the with MattPrince part is not.

Alex Eng is one of the SontagFrosh. He is known for continuously wearing green shirts, except on days that are laundry days. According to his roommate, MattPrince, Alex Eng does laundry far too often. He is Asian. He is also from New York, though not from the city (which is surprising). Alex plays LoL and is considering becoming a Mathematical Compuational Biochemist. He was one of the initial takers of Bio/CS 6/7. He helped instigate the Twilighting of his roommate's room.

What else is there to say about AlexEng? He plays Magic. His hair is fun to fluff/rub. He is now part of the Pomona College Band.


"I like tofuck every day" - When talking about alternatives to tofurkey
"It's not a party without an M-16 or two"

Timeline of shirts (which you can use to determine when *you* should do *your* laundry!):


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