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I suggest a merge with WhyGodWhyWouldYouWriteThat. --SkyeBerghel

This page is only the beginning. We encourage all FunWiki denizens to continue each story. There are many unanswered questions. Who is G-Spot Gwen? Why is Natalie so particular? WE DON'T KNOW!!!!

Happy ValentinesDay?!

I suggest a merge with WhyGodWhyWouldYouWriteThat. --SkyeBerghel


Albert ass-fucked Aaron. Albert ass-fucks all around.

Betsy blew Bob. "Betsy better blow Bob better, bitch," bemoaned Bob.

Cupid cocked catatonic Cunnilingus Catie. Catie came calamitously.

Devin deliciously dominated double-dildo'd Don's dick.

"Endowed Edward's elongated, erect, erotic EVISCERATOR ejaculated!" elucidated Explanatory Ellen.

Fred furiously fucked Fiona. Fap fap fap.

Gloriously gooey G-Spot Gwen grinned.

Humongous handcuffed hobos happily humped.

I injected into inebriated Inara.

Jack jacked Jill. Jill jacked Jack. Jelly.

Katie Kissed Klu Klux Klansmen.

Lesbian Lindsey lustily licked Lisa's labia. Lindsey loves licking labia.

Mammalian MILFs must master masturbation; Maria's maniacal mommy made Marissa moan.

No nipples nibbled? No nubile Natalie!

Orson's orangutans orgasmed ostentatiously onto ornery Orion.

Place penis proximate pussy. Push. Pull. Push. Pull. Pop.

Queer Quitterie queefed.

Richard's rigid rod rammed Rebecca. Rebecca rode Richard roughly. Rawr!

Selma sexed Steve. Steve sexed Selma. Saucy. Steamy. Sucky.

Tina tongue-tickled Thor's thong. Thor Thundered.

Uhura's undulating underwear ululated unreasonably.

Voracious voluptuous vixens vacuumed. Verily! Vapid Victoria's vast vagina vibrated.

Would Woody's wood win? William wondered.

Xenu XXX'd Xavier.

Yummy Yvonne yanked your yardstick. Yowza!

Ziggy zapped Zeno's zipper. Zinga-Zang-Zong!

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