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Amanda is a vehemently not-sedate ScrippSie who graduated with the class of 2009 as a GeologyMajor?, which is pretty much the coolest major ever. She lives in Seattle and is in the PhD program in seismology at the University of Washington.

Amanda hung out in EastDorm a lot as a SophoMore. Then she went abroad for her junior year, and was eaten by thesis during her senior year. This is how it came to pass that, during her senior year, she was seen in EastDorm mainly in the presence of the SketchyAlums who she hung out with as a SophoMore, despite not yet being an alum. This amuses her.

She's always up for a game of Scrabble, has a newfound but passionate love for euchre, and is still looking for someone who can challenge her at SuperPuzzleFighterIITurbo.

Random past stuff:

Summer 2007: Intern at the Carnegie Institution of Washington (Department of Terrestrial Magnestism, woot). Yay for seismograms, MatLab, and thunderstorms.

Fall 2007 and spring 2008: Study abroad in Vietnam and Germany. Awarded "Dorm Barely There" at Eastmas 2007 due to her habit of disappearing for entire semesters. Having her home located 15 minutes from Claremont allowed her to spend lots of time lurking in Claremont while she was between her study abroad programs.

Although nominally a vegetarian, Amanda decided to be "flexible" while in 'Nam. Consequently, she has tried all of the following things, and challenges anyone to beat this list:

Public blog/LJ-thing: http://mandanza.livejournal.com. Will probably be updated occasionally during the next few years.

Feel free to add to her page. It will make her feel loved.



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