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 Name: Andrew Taylor
 Aliases: Ri'Orius, Andy, Random, Drew, Potato, Tater Tot, French Fry, Hash Brown, Argentina, FF12
 Year: 2008
 Major: CS
 Residence: East 125
 Email address: ataylor@hmc.edu, riorius@gmail.com
 AIM screenname: RiOrius
 Cell: (909)-632-8440
 Birthdate: February 13, 1986
 Astrological sign: Aquarius
 Blood type: A Positive

Tater is now dead, and this entire page is outdated. As happens with dead people.

Wow... I'd update this for Fall '06, but that's over in a couple weeks... Maybe I'll remember for Spring '07... Schedule (Fall '05):

 CSCI081  PO-01  Computability and Logic    Bull       TR  9:35-10:50
 CSCI140  PO-01  Algorithms                 VanDerWaartTR?  2:45-3:50
 ENGR059  HM-02  Stems                      Yang       TR 8:10-9:20; F 10:00-10:50
 ENGR085  HM-01  Digital Logic and Comp Eng Harris     MW 11:00-11:50
 PSYCH??  HM-01  Social Psychology          Mashek     MW 2:45-3:50
 ECON???  HM-01  Macroeconomics             Evans      MW 1:15-2:30
 CRACK05  HM-01  Crack in the AC            N/A      S   10:00-late
 ITRG103  HM-01  ITR Games                  Mayor    F   12:00-late

Brief description:

(insert slander here)

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