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One of the few EastIes? to be made fun of on national television. Stupid purple hair and purple shirts and going to see improv comedy shows. Meh. Ask me about the WayneBradyShow? sometime and maybe i'll show you my copy. You can even see other peoples on the tape, like DanCicio and MyMom?.
And what's her history?

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So, uh... Done with TheSis. Now what do i do for the rest of my life?
A blank, my lord.

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So how about that crack/non-TheSis, eh?

Recently it's been a game called GeneForge. Mmmboy do I like this one.

* room: well, it's in my house....
* phone: (425)643-1345
* email: annem_02@hotmail.com
* roommate: gradumcated.

(blatently stolen from JustinPava, who stole it from MattBrubeck)

I have a copy of this print, and I just LOVE the artist.


Night Shift by Tim Wistrom

Twelfth Night, II iv.

And what's her history?

A blank, my lord.

Twelfth Night, II iv.


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