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She was voted East Dorm Romantic at Eastmas.
Eastmas Voting:
* 2007 - Dorm Romantic
* 2008 - Dorm Nose & Dorm Don't-Pick-Your-Nose
* 2009 - Dorm Quidditch Champion & Dorm Just-To-Be-Safe

This FlyingRavenousPitzoid? goes to PitzerCollege and is fun. Yay!!!

Let's have a foursome! -RobinDobashi

Ariana is a happy Pitzoid. She claims "Pitzer girls are an underutilized resource." She has yet to prove this by bringing a horde of Pitzer girls to EastLounge. She claims to have brought 1 to EastLounge, and 3 to MarcDavidson's room. ...sketchy. Not that there's anything wrong with five-somes...

She likes choir.

Eastmas Voting:


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