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* "Guess where I found porn?"

Dear Viewer-of-Page,

Class of 2014. Also known as AbigailJaneGregory.

Likes bunnies, musicals, Thai food, musicals, and lol.

PurityTest narrator in 2010.

Dances the We No Speak Americano Dance with StephanieLevins, KatyAnderson and AbigailJaneGregory. (Hot with a w.)

Is in KosherChords.

Laughs way too much when she is sleep-deprived.

Likes to drive.

Spends way too much time on FredtheFriendlyFruton, and should be a member of Fruton-Sitters Anonymous.

Known to say:

Other Quotes:

Sidra: "There is no need to swear."

Audrey: "But fucking is more fun!"




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