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BobDole says vote for BobDole.

Also a common rebuttal to any argument containing the phrase: YourMom

The generic reply to BobDole itself is often YourMop?, though not always (to understand why, it might be helpful to watch WeirdAlInUhf, or possibly not). From there one sometimes moves into silly things involving the BananaNebula?, or simply recurses (BobDole's mom's mop's mom, etc.) BobDole seems to be pretty universal now, but I have to say I've only heard YourMop? coming from ChessersSuite. :) --JessicaFisher

Example: YourMom can suck it! BobDole can suck it!

I think that 'common' is probably a misnomer here -- I know of only one person who uses it. -- RobAdams

Ummm... where ChessersSuite is considered one person??? Actually, that's kind of an interesting thought. We are the Chesserian. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.-AlexBobbs

Actually, I am not the only person who uses it. ChessersSuite is not the only place it is used. For many years, I was the only one brave enough to say BobDole and laugh! But now, whenever I'm around and I say YourMom, someone in the room replies with BobDole! I guess my influence is spreading. --JessicaFisher

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