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"#REDIRECT KatieLewis"

KatieLewis Says: "My sister! :) :) :) :)"

If you're interested, check out my band's website [Bridget and the J-Boys]. It's all-original music, including two songs written by me. ^_^

Hey East, every time I visited HareveyMudd? I played ITR games and loved them. I am interested in introducing subsets of Carnegie Mellon to ITR games, does anybody object? Since Carnegie Mellon's own KGB already runs the wonderful [CaptureTheFlagWithStuff] (look it up, it's fun) I do not know if this will fly, but I would love to attempt it. Let me know (via my sister KatieLewis)

You should describe ITR games as follows: they're sort of like Death Until We Die. At this point, one member of the KGB, the bouncy one, should explode. At this point, tell him the MCSP is everywhere. I assure you, this is a good idea.

But Bridget is the bouncy one! How will we have ITR games if she explodes? -- GlennWillen

Muahahaha! We've done it, ItrGames is alive at Carnegie Mellon, It's alive!!!

BridgetLewis will (I am sorry to say) not be joining her sister at Harvey Mudd, but will be fleeing to the other end of the country. Pitsburgh to be exact. Carnegie Mellon, to be even more precise. New House, if you must know. Some room. I would tell you which, but then I would have to live in fear. Of killing you. or something. 0_.

Yes, I am a WikiWhore, and a SleepDepAddict

-- My sister Amisha Gadani is going to be a freshman at CMU too. No idea on the dorm though... - AvaniGadani

Really? I'll have to hunt her down and introduce myself or something! ^.^

Incidentally our Grandmother, on my Mother's side, is from Pittsburgh which is kinda neat. -KL

Erk, I just noticed I spelled Pittsburgh wrong in that first paragraph. ^.^;; Not a good sign, nor a way to ingratiate yourself to the town you will be spending the next 4 years in.

Huh? --KL

*Rubbs hands mischieviously (for no apparent reason)*

AvaniGadani? Can you tell me what dorm and/or room your sister's in so I can go meet her?

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