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Caitlin was an EngineeringMajor who graduated in 2011, with a special interest in civil/structural engineering. She did research in this area with ProfessorDuron as a De Pietro Fellow(yay for kick-ass fellowship!). She was one of the original PlattFrosh. She moved into East 158 in her freshman year as part of the FroshRoomFireDrill. She lived in TimeSuck her sophomore (as the Chris of TimeSuckXII), then in East 152 her junior year. She roomed with AdriSebree until Adri transferred, then had a SingleDouble for the remaineder of the year. In senior year, however, along with SvenWijtmans, GwenGroover, KatieBennett, EmilyFujimoto and others, she lived in an East colony on first floor AtwoodDorm (called Suite-N-Sour, or in wiki-parlance, SuiteNsour.) This suite was distinguished my two things: that fact that nearly everyone is took at least one dance class and half the suite was on team, and the fact that the lounge was partly turned into a kitchen.

During her time at Mudd, she graded BigStems and took both GrandaddyStems and JediStems. As it turns out, her preoccupation with stems served her well, as she is now a fully-funded research fellow in the Civil Engineering department at JohnsHopkins, and will be one of the inaugural grad students in a new Systems institute there. If any Mudd folk are coming to tour JohnsHopkins and need a place to stay, they should drop her an email at caitlin.jacques@gmail.com.

Caitlin got very bored and decided to visit every page in the wiki. As of 10-20-08, she has visited every page. It took her about a week off and on. She challenges others to complete this WikiCompletionRun in less time.

Caitlin is the only PlattFrosh who did not take a leave of absence or ITR.


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