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Step One.

Who's in? Record your votes here:

Cal likes soft, fluffy sheep, if you know what I mean.

    * What about hard, fluffy sheep? *cough*

To Lori, as she talked about the perceived joys of high school algebra (yuck!): "You are dumb and crazy."

Also freakin' hilarious when sleep depped. Some people just get dazed. Cal gets raunchy. Can be sweet talked into just about anything if you are an attractive female. Or pretend to be an attractive female. Or if you promise him a glimpse of an attractive female.

He better make a KingKong page before he comes to his senses.

"Ooh, chickens. Wonk, wonk, wonk."

"Beautiful. Almost sensual, in a way." --Cal, on ProfessorDavis' grade-compression policy

"That's when the revelation dawned on me: Hey, I could just spread my legs..."

     NickJohnson: "Cal really shouldn't be getting this much..."
     ConorMcNassar: "...sleep."

"Just keep track of the person in front of you. Like, when Paul goes down, I go down."

"You see, Lori, I'm not aggressive like your punk ass. I'm attacking Alberta."

 Cal: Ariel, it has come to my attention that the Homework 13 rewrite is due. 
  It has come to my attention that you graded Homework 13. It has come to my attention
  that I don't have my homework 13.
 Ariel: Did you turn it in?
 Cal: . . .

"We would have sunk like stones. Faster than stones; like large whales ... weighted down with cement."

From Cal's summer math whiteboard (not my doing):

  "Your mom is a saddle point"
  "I saddled your mom's point"

  Don't forget:
  "I spanned your mom's eigenvectors" (not my doing.  really)

"[CS prof who shall remain unnamed] codes like a rabid weasel on peyote!" -Cal

(on driving to Boston airport) "its not a 'good friend' sort of favor ... more of a 'you dragged my unconscious body out of a burning building and this will more than make up for it' sort of favor" -Cal

It has been suggested that someday Cal should become a PhysicsMajor and prove the existence of the buetron (the result of an HistoricTypo in his vain attempt to say "neutron"). Note that the text of HistoricTypo now makes it appear that CalPierog is a HistoricTypo himself, as he appears in its backlinks. On SecondThought, this means he actually is one, surely. Don't call me surely.


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