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Celeste was born in the fall of 2007. For reasons that shall forever remain unknown, she was placed in WestDorm her FrOsh year. She quickly became a member of the PlattFrosh, and so while her stuff resided in West 463, she was most likely to be found at home in Platt during her first semester. After the FroshRoomFireDrill, she moved into a triple-double with CaitlinJacques and AdriSebree in East 158. She then returned to WestDorm only to sleep (most nights) or fetch an item from her room.
* Judging by how much of your stuff was on our floor, even the part about your stuff residing in West is debatable. -- CaitlinJacques
Celeste is now CameronConti.

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Celeste is a member of TimeSuckXII, which for a limited time only will be moved to BoilerSuite (blame her bad knees, or the lack of an elevator in East, or a combination thereof). She took a medical leave of absence in Spring 2009, thus carrying on yet another fine tradition of TimeSuck and leaving her former roommates with a triple-quad-single-double.

Celeste was a SillyFrosh and originally wanted to be both a PhysicsMajor and a MathMajor. She has since regained some small degree of sanity and has decided to major in physics. When not in class, doing homework, or sleeping, Celeste likes to play random flash games on the internets, read science fiction (or the occasional science text book), and bake goodies. (If you want to eat something yummy, but don't want to / have time to / know how to make it, she'll be happy to assist you.)

At this point in time, it is very likely that Celeste will not return from her 2nd leave of absence.
* Whoever wrote that needs to do some fact checking. She is in fact returning in Spring 2011.


Celeste is now CameronConti.


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