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An exceedingly silly EastDorm BioMajor and CoffeeWhore suffering from post-LindeDorm-frosh stress disorder (PLFSD). Prone to a RotatedSchedule that often causes him to get into sticky situations such as not registering for his classes until the last day of the semester. Known to break into paroxysms of laughter when around stuffed animals and in other *interesting* situations. Trance and Electronica fiend. Takes himself too seriously. If you see him, be sure to tell him that he goes "WankWankWank" a lot.

Worshipper and seeker of the GodDoughnut.

Assistant reviver of SpinSHMC, with fellow electronic dance music aficionado MikelGrenzner. Spins trance, progressive, and tech-trance under the guise of DJ Cobalt. Favorite electronic dance artists and DJs include Paul van Dyk, Marco V, Way Out West, DJ TiŽsto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Christopher Lawrence, and Sasha. Don't get him started on the subject; he'll talk you to death over it and attempt to convert you with the elitist rigor of a post-modern social philosopher.

Drinks a lot of espresso and coffee. No, more than that. No, more. Really. Keep going.

Chris likes politicizing and philosophizing, but you wouldn't know it from his sleep-deprived episodes of insanity. He also buys non-fiction books and doesn't finish them, although they sure do look cool on a shelf. Often found in Hixon Court, likely because of the free coffee, though he contends it's the koi pond. Also prone to falling asleep on the Galileo foyer couches in late morning or early afternoon. If you find him in this state, prod him for a cheap thrill.

Near the jovial end of the Kinsey Scale, but seems to have a slight, eccentric affinity for Asian women, particularly those who don Japanese schoolgirl uniforms and fight giant mecha robots.

Also bitter about humanity in general. Inquire inside for details.


During LOTRaThon II as NickHerman sat down to read 'The Muster of Rohan': "Oh my god, it's Shelob!!"

"I was really bored in class, so I drew ProfessorGu as a dominatrix."

"It's not like I have sexual thoughts about ProfessorGu, I just like imagining her in a dominatrix outfit."

Particapated in the ChocolateNazi conversation early on 4/29/04.

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