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Elaborate on whim.

Whim is when you do something for arbitrary reasons, without any rationale behind your actions. For example, this elaboration on whim.
*Right then...I think Nick's having some ClaremontWater withdrawal...good jorb there.
**Defending the English language. I believe the original author intended 'elaborate at whim', but as they instructed otherwise... (This discussion can probably be deleted when the offending phrase is removed, or left, with offending phrase, in perpetuity for your amusement, in which case i think this now overly long and tedious parenthetical can be removed, though it would be a shame at this point really since its obnoxious length has become quite charming and... ow... ok, i shall be going now...)
Elaborate at whim, punk.

They lie. It's milk.

No, it's liquid nast. --JulieWortman

There does, however, appear to be a spatial warp around the drinking fountains in Galileo Foyer that de-milkifies the local water. Nowhere else in the building does this occur. --WillShipley

Neh. The fountain in EastDormLounge, when plugged in, makes ClaremontWater rather tolerable, if not de-milkified. And perhaps you're less likely to notice the nast when you're tired after an ItrGames session? --JulieWortman

If you took a shower, and then just let yourself air dry, would the ClaremontWater dry into some kind of adamantine-like body armor? I really think this is worth looking into. -- PaulScott

ProfessorEckert recently spent the better portion of a FroshPhysics recitation complaining about the evils of ClaremontWater, especially the evils of having to replace one's water filter entirely too often because of all the assorted nast growing in it. I do wish I'd written down some of the stuff he said; 'twas amusing. --JulieWortman

Elaborate at whim, punk.

I think during Chemical Engineering (or whatever that class is called) they did tests on the water and found that it's a strong electrolyte but still pH neutral.

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