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Leader: JoziMcKiernan
Winner: PatrickMeehan
Word: snake

* S --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it Harry Truman's middle name? --JoshOratz
***5dbc98dcc983a70728bd082d1a47546e --EmmaManning
***Challenge --JoziMcKiernan
**** [S]
***** In case it's unclear, I didn't post that, so presumably JoshOratz did and it was a successful contact! --EmmaManning
***** Ah, okay, great! (I can't remember how to use the hash, awk). --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it a fantasy automaton? --BobChen
** Is it a very good idea, right now? --EmmaManning
***[6r0hi]$f63c3ba69abbce266556f878a5ec4883 --JoelOrnstein
***It is not sleep. --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it a snake's favorite brass instrument? --PatrickMeehan
***It is not a sssousaphone? --JoziMcKiernan
* SN --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it a type of armor, when worn by a type of mollusc? --EmmaManning
*** It is not snail mail. --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it dead all but one evening per week? --EmmaManning
*** 5d92ee5df9848f2a36376687db9d80f1 --LydiaScharff
*** Challenge. --JoziMcKiernan
**** [SNL] is only (a)live on Saturday nights --EmmaManning
** Is it a response to 'is it?' --EmmaManning
*** d832124e005651232af313575b210bc1 --PatrickMeehan
*** It's not "'s not"? --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it where ss and nn go? --EmmaManning
** Is it tin mixed into some rock? --PatrickMeehan
*** [j81fd]$1cc0fd6572400d24cb4700c0ccaaec41 --EmmaManning
** Is it the best way to die? --AdamField
*** It is not a sniper. --JoziMcKiernan
* SNA --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it a tin fruit? --EmmaManning
*** 36c8b040678bdba23caaebf5ac630f69 --LydiaScharff
*** [s1gjm]$31fe61fb6fdbfe86fe12dee0460d9d60 --AdamField
*** e28e416bd0a6c9770f18fdd9b4133f47 --JoelOrnstein
*** It is not a snapple. --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it a place for two 's's and two 'n's? --EmmaManning
*** Wording improvement: Is it a vessel for two 's's and two 'n's? --EmmaManning
**** 8f9ca7a9e976f50dac72f9476797c34c ?? --JoelOrnstein
**** Challenge. --JoziMcKiernan
***** To save the alphabet {s, n} from this flood/pandemic, we should keep two of each letter safe in a [snark] --EmmaManning
***** Well-played. --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it a chance to attempt a standardized test on the subject of tin? --EmmaManning
** is it scared tin --PatrickMeehan
*** 287c683aedfe88bbfb62cea45b29bd08 ?? --EmmaManning
*** It is not a snack. --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it how tourists get most of the way to Disneyland? --AdamField
*** It is not John Wayne or Santa Ana airport (official abbreviation SNA). Love the clue though. --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it silvered tin? --PatrickMeehan
*** [pdg5k]$7714bd9b007674c473fb2cbe5614afb1 --AdamField
*** [j16g7]$5ed72231f36e8cdca92ce76bccf48772 --EmmaManning
*** It is not a snag. --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it sore tin? --PatrickMeehan
*** [j16g7]$8e85578e9f435240539b582087d38495 --EmmaManning
** Is it sick tin? --PatrickMeehan
*** [5ygyq]$0b4dedbbbbd937a92dab34032a7a556a --EmmaManning
*** It is not a snail? --JoziMcKiernan
** Do they use tin to fracture flint? --PatrickMeehan
*** It is not snax. --JoziMcKiernan
*SNAK --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it the family of a reptile? --EmmaManning
*** It is not snakily. --JoziMcKiernan
**** Not what I had in mind! How does that fit the clue? --EmmaManning
**** beginning of "snake" + end of "family" = snake family = family of a reptile? --JoziMcKiernan
***** [ok]
** Is it a ruler of reptiles? --EmmaManning
*** It is not snaking. --JoziMcKiernan
** Is it a relative of a reptile? --EmmaManning
*** ddff002a22c10a03c80d6011418dcafb --PatrickMeehan
** Is it sore tin? --PatrickMeehan
*** [rbdi7]$bceecc92d41f171fa7fe88b541332ab4 (I can think of more than one possible variant of this but I'll stick with the first one I thought of) --EmmaManning
*** Yes it is a snake. --JoziMcKiernan

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    Leader: JoziMcKiernan
    Winner: PatrickMeehan
    Word: snake

    Leader: EmmaManning
    Winner: EmmaManning's forgetfulness
    Word: lost to time, alas

    Leader: ZoëTucker
    Winner: EmmaManning
    Word: centennial

    Leader: EmmaManning
    Winner: ZoeTucker
    Word: disconcerting

    Leader: JoshOratz
    Winner: EmmaManning
    Word: heraldry

    Leader: JoziMcKiernan
    Winner: JoshOratz
    Word: Pentagon

    Leader: PatrickMeehan
    Winner: JoziMcKiernan
    Object: guisarme

    Leader: JoshOratz
    Winner: PatrickMeehan
    Object: malevolent (male/vole/ent)

    Leader: AdamField
    Winner: JoshOratz
    Object: Noncombat

    Leader: "JoshOratz"
    Winner: AdamField
    Object: Rampart

    Leader: JosephDearden
    Winner: "JoshOratz"
    Object: sparrow (spar row)

    Leader: JoshOratz
    Winner: JosephDearden
    Object: improbable (imp rob a bull)

    Leader: SkyeBerghel
    Winner: JoshOratz
    Object: emperor

    Leader: ArenOlson
    Winner: SkyeBerghel
    Object: unbecoming

    Leader: JasonWinerip
    Winner: ArenOlson
    Object: resuscitate

    Leader: AdamField
    Winner: JasonWinerip
    Object: anthropic

    Leader: LeeWiyninger
    Winner: AdamField
    Object: floccinaucinihilipilification

    Leader: CamilleMarvin
    Winner: LeeWiyninger
    Object: retractable

    Leader: JosephDearden
    Winner: CamilleMarvin
    Object: tenuous

    Leader: AndrewFarmer
    Winner: JosephDearden
    Object: rasterizer

    Leader: ArenOlson
    Winner: AndrewFarmer
    Object: supercilious

    Leader: JoshOratz
    Winner: LeeWiyninger
    Object: Cataract

    Leader: JasonWinerip
    Winner: Zombies. Or possibly ChrisSauro
    Object: Aggiornamento

    Leader: BobChen
    Winner: JasonWinerip
    Object: Viscosity

    Leader: JasonWinerip
    Winner: BobChen
    Object: Quintessential

    Leader: LeeWiyninger
    Winner: JasonWinerip
    Object: Sardonic

    Leader: BobChen
    Winner: LeeWiyninger
    Object: Chariot

    Leader: JasonWinerip
    Winner: BobChen
    Object: Manifold

    Leader: BobChen
    Winner: JasonWinerip
    Object: Proclivity

    Leader: RobinDobashi
    Winner: BobChen
    Object: Carafe

    Leader: BobChen
    Winner: RobinDobashi
    Object: Orgasm

    Leader: BrianRice
    Winner: BobChen
    Object: Resplendence

    Leader: AdamField
    Winner: JoshOratz
    Object: inconceivable

    Leader: JasonWInerip?
    Winner: ArenOlson
    Object: algorithm

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