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*While insanely easy to make, there is one catch: Don't stir the completed batter once it's smooth. If you keep stirring it for too long it starts to congeal into a very inedible goo. Something about the starches in the corn flour, I think.

Combine dry ingredients (with a whisk!). Combine wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Whisk dry ingredients into wet ingredients. Add sweetener if insufficiently sweet. Grease the pan. Realize that you really should have turned on the oven earlier and turn it to 425. Bake on lower rack of toaster oven for ~12 minutes. TEST WITH A FLATISH POINTY OBJECT (like a toothpick or fork)TO MAKE SURE IT IS DONE (it should come out clean...then the cornbread will be not-squishy) - check both ends...

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