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*2007 - NikFloyd

Typically awarded yearly, the CrackFrosh title is bestowed upon the frosh who shows the most skill, dedication, and - most of all - unbreakable addiction in the realm of all things in CategoryCrackWhore. CrackFrosh will typically be found at CrackInTheAC on Saturday nights, blowing the heads off terrorists and munching marines. CrackFrosh usually move into TimeSuck their sophomore year, as then they are encouraged to not only experience the sweet crack themselves, but also to inflict it upon others.

Previous CrackFrosh:

I propose we vote a CrackFrosh before the next year begins, to be held at link above. *Glares pointedly at those who did not acknowledge the HaloFroshs existence* At least, I propose it so, and I'll even leave a sig so people can flame me if they don't like something I said or did. --DuctTapeGuy

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