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Virtually everything below this line is lies. --SkyeBerghel

Virtually everything below this line is lies. --SkyeBerghel

This page was made after months of not having a funwiki page because I was from Linde. I currently am a SophoMore living in East 160.

So, as to who I am, I am Mr. Gigantor, Dan, Big Dan, Dan from Linde, the sketchy Dan, Sketchy Dan, PlattFrosh Dan, Swimmer Dan, etc... the list eventually terminates, but not I before stop caring. I have a tendency to leave out key phrases in the sentences that I write due to brain passing my fingers.

Dan is a member of the PlattFrosh. For a while Dan dated CaitlinJacques, another PlattFrosh.

Will tell you that SleepDep is Fun, but not necessarily Easy. This will probably change as he gains more practice. Dan does not sleep hardly ever, and is likely to pull an all-nighter on almost a weekly basis.

Dan is an engineer, which may contribute to this lack of sleep. He wants to focus on digital engineering and CS, aka robotics.

Dan is also a fan of many older computer games, and plays quite a few on a regular basis. He has completed a challenge of beating the Arm campaign of TotalAnnihilation on medium and is currently running through the Core campaign, using only a touchpad. Update: currently up to the aqueous planet.

Appears to have won CrackFrosh for 08. Has recently admitted to being a CategoryCrackWhore.

Has been scarred, probably permanently, by walking in at exactly the wrong moment of Sweeney Todd. IE, starting when the kid bites into the pie.

The primary party involved in the ElectricSparkIncident.


while playing Duke Nukem: "Goddamn fucking toilets of shit!"

"Tokyo tastes good."

"FUCK! I blew HITLER!" ~While playing Apples to Apples

"But the concentration camps are so much fun!"

"That would be rotation about the axis that's not through the penis."

Quotes About Dan:

"WHERE DID THE AMARETTO GO???" -- SkyeBerghel, ChrisSauro, ManyOthers

Current Academic Status: Officially invited to retire, but is simply taking a working vacation.

It truly is amazing how much you can learn in two weeks about yourself that you hadn't realized before. It's also amazing how in those two weeks you begin to finally put into practice what you had understood for years before, but couldn't make yourself do.

AKA: I knew how I screwed up, what I didn't realize was why I screwed up. Now I do and I'm working to get back to were I belong.

And if you're still confused, yes I am officially Ineligible To Re-register until such a time where the Scholarly Standing committee feels that I am ready and willing to succeed academically at Mudd.

Current GPA: 1.707

Current Credits, total: 66.5

Current Credits, GPA: 49.5

Current Credits, GPA, attempted: 54

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