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Describe DanielOsborn here.

Daniel Osborn hides his massive (and manly) genius behind a facade of modesty.

Also the creator of the term BawMahNow


  1. Graduate from Grad school as a theoretical theorist.
  2. Unify physics under Quantum gravity by means of the studliest particle around: Ozions
  3. Get nobel prize
  4. Marry beautiful woman
  5. sell name to Pepsi and Burger King,
  6. Wait till fame makes both dominate all other brands, increasing his fame and $$$
  7. Kids will say they want to be like Ozzie when they grow up, and people say "wow, he's smart--a regular Dan Osborn"
  8. Everyone forgets about that Einstien guy
  9. Statues of a proud Ozzie in every country in the world
  10. Settle down as a private high school teacher with his beautiful wife and 3 kids: William, Robert and Elizabeth.

11: PROFIT!!!


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