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*If you look close enough at Dmitri's photo in the MenOfEastCalendar, the tip of his penis is visible.

Dmitri lives in East 112 with DanMoore. He is well known for breaking his skateboard, having an unpronounceable last name, and being dead sexy. He also seems to know girls from every Claremont college, and will randomly greet girls by name while walking across the 5Cs. Beware, he will constantly deny his drunken-state no matter how slurred his words may be or how excessively happy and loud he may sound. Girls will probably dub this cute due to his foreign (Estonian) lineage.

He's also pretty manly, and so should henceforth be referred to as Dmantri Scourgehammer, DESTROYER OF WORLDS. Or as he says, Dmitri Skeethammer.

Dmitri also plays several 'not in the lounge game' type games, that rhyme with the word 'corn' in the lounge, especially Fantasia and Gals Pinball.

- Dmitri is due to appear soon in the MenOfEastCalendar in the 'hot, sexy russian pose'... order early to avoid lines.

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