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Iam Vescimur Purgamento Omni Tempore

Mildred E. Mudd hall (also known as East Dorm) was the first building on the HarveyMuddCollege campus. EastDorm is not just a building. It is a community of people with EastieNature. There are many ThirdFloorEasties who don't even live in EastDorm.

EastDorm includes several EastieSuites. A layout of these can be found on EastieMap.

EastDorm also celebrates several EastieHolidays

Each year, EastDorm elects various DormOssifers, including:

...and a number of other positions that change from year to year.

The dorm collectively owns a bunch of DormStuff people are free to use.

[picture by ChrisHanusa showing TimeSuck, GsixtyThree, TreeMoore, and EricBrown]

This is the EastDorm courtyard! Go to EastDormImprovements to suggest improvements!


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