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This method worked well last year for organizing EastieThanksgiving05, so we will use it again.

If you are planning to attend, add your name to the list of people planning to attend. If there is some food item (or items) that it just would not be Thanksgiving without, add them to the list of food items requested. If there is some Thanksgiving food that you would like to be in charge of preparing, list it under the claimed food items with your name (on Thanksgiving most everyone helps out in some way - if you do not have something you want to be in charge of you will probably eventually be recruited to help with something).

Note: Last year it ended up being ~$15 per person (and the leftovers fed us for the duration of break). Additional Note: Dean Chris has said he will reimburse up to $150, which is rather awesome

People Attending East Thanksgiving

Menu (the people in parentheses are who I have as being in charge of the dish)

Food Preparation Organization

Food Items Requested

Food Items Claimed

People who want to be told how they can best help

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