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"Oh, that's not bad, that's practically in Kazakhstan!"

"#REDIRECT LizzieKadison"

"'May you live in interesting times.' -- Originally a curse."

May cats wander into your lounge. Considering EyeOfChaos, that's *quite* a curse.

Unwitting founder of the StatMechInterpretiveDanceTroupe?.

When EliBogart is without a PurPle senior elephant, the old PhysicsMajor that he works for dies. Plays using the Shakespearean name of Viola are often "Twelfth Night". If he smiles, is that potentially bad? We don't frequently know how it's silent when he fires cannons. Jupiter likes its red spot. It likes to smile and eat dill pickles. Unleash all the spotted hamsters, oh most incredibly evil overlord, who is known only as Fred! There's really nothing like QuantumMafia for a cold. Unless it's clean towels.

 There once was an avid musician
 Who's now in a daunting position:
 Since he yet has no node
 To his pain, one's bestowed--
 And thus we shall grant him perdition.

This man is a beast among men. Even among beasts! And in a way, a man among beasts. And certainly a man among men. I've never seen him naked. Well, there it is.

 E leven months I've known this studly man 
 L est I should err, I'll tell as well I can: 
 I n East this fellow's made himself a name 
 B erating non-violists without shame 
 O n many arms he's left his dagger's welt  
 G ets props for all the cunning blows he's dealt  
 A dapper stoic when by maf'ya pinched  
 R ebukes those "good guys" trying to get him lynched  
 T his Bogie makes poor Humphrey look a chump  
 R eturns more mem'rable lines than Forrest Gump  
 O h wait, he's not a FroshClone, is he now?  
 C ould this man be another Lizzie? How?  
 K ill Eli? Yes, it seems the votes are in  
 S o ring the bell, the lynching may begin!   

 Or a giblet.
 ITR a globe.
 Get a broil.
 A bit ogler.
 Bagel riot.
 Go blare it.
 Table, Igor.
 Bag toiler?!
 Agile Bort.
 Air goblet.
 To a gerbil!
 To Gabriel!
 A Rigel bot.
 Tile a Borg.
 I go, Albert.
 Grab Eliot!
 Tribal ego.
 Ogler bait.
 Legato rib.
 It be largo.
 Retail bog.

 EliBogart: rag o' bile?

The violin is for many reasons vastly superior to the viola. These reasons must be here listed, and here they will remain for all time:

However, the brass instruments are greatly superior to all of the stringed instruments because you can actually hear a brass instrument, whereas those little violins and violas just disappear into noise. Besides, the only thing stringed instruments are really good for is firewood, anyway. Bonfire time!!!!

That last comment wasn't LizzieKadison, was it? 'Cause if it was... *head explodes* --JulieWortman

Step Two.

Who's in? Record your votes here:

EliBogart should now be known as "Problem27?" or, to be formal, "Problem 27 Due on Monday March 3rd". (while doing GQ&S homework, he started writing down a problem statement instead of his name.)

I would point out at this time, that SeleneTan also has a tendency to greet him as "Gli", I suspect the origins of this are bad handwriting, but I cannot recollect at the moment.

During the Pre-Mock stage of RoomDraw, Eli was written into a room as "Gli". Well, it looked like "Gli"...


"We got you to eat food."
"Now you will never be able to leave because this is the underworld."
"I hate it when that happens."

"I'm a lousy cynic. I just cannot summon the requisite degree of misanthropy."

(on OpticsLab?:) "It is better to blow out a single candle..."

     EliBogart: "CS70 certainly inspired me with feelings of futility and arbitrariness.
     That's why I stopped being a CS70 grader."
     NickHerman: "You took CS70?"
     EliBogart: "No."

"I don't live with myself; I have a single."

"All right, who has the Halliburton goal?"

"Yes, you are on a slippery slope to everywhere."

   -Eli to Lori

"I just read this calendar for the pictures."

"Oh, that's not bad, that's practically in Kazakhstan!"


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