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Capes (Organized FroshCloakOrder)

A frosh though CharlesDawson's picture kept appearing on the Proctor's slide of frosh for the year. (This line was added by an unknown individual with unknown intentions)

Also known to live in fishbowl with SophiaThomas, StephanieClifner, and SophieYu

Favorite calculator: TI - 84 Plus Silver Edition

favorite Spec Rel Problem: H-2 (The one with the sun) (she prefers spec rel problems she's not working on, but we know she will come around to enjoying this one in the end)

Favorite location in East dorm: the cube, but can be found at the corner of couchboat closest to the pull/push door

Favorite pencil: Dixon Tichonderoga

Favorite stumpy: stumpy

favorite color: purple (we checked, and she spiritually identifies with this color).

Capes (Organized FroshCloakOrder)

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