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Class of 2016

Emma now has a (more informative) page! She is no longer a frosh, but she still spends way too much time in EastLounge (and TimeSuckXVI during frosh year) procrastinating on homework and playing Mario Kart. Often found near EmmaManning and EmmaDavis, thanks to EmmaMagnetism. Emma is a ComputerScience major despite having a brief period of insanity in which she thought being an engineer would be a GoodIdea. No offense to engineers, but Emma enjoys what little sanity she still has.

Originally venturing down to HarveyMuddCollege from the rainy streets of Seattle (best city), Emma loves the sunshine in California but misses the color green. She is perpetually cold, and can often be found wandering around after sunset clutching a mug of tea as a source of warmth and caffeine. Emma is well on her way to becoming a BitterUpperClassman.

Where is EmmaMeersman?

Based on a sample size of one year, enjoys RoomDraw. She will report back once more data has been collected.

Things that EmmaMeersman likes:

Things that EmmaMeersman doesn't like:

Interesting prof quotes:

ProfessorSaeta (to DustinKane): "Well, I'm glad you had the trig teacher that whipped you."

ProfessorLynn?: "Nineteen years later, all was not well."

ProfessorLynn?: "Quantum Mechanics is for everyone, and we're all just giant BuckyBalls?."

ProfessorLynn?: "If you go out that door at the end of class, will you diffract all over the lobby?"

ProfessorDoret?: "Try to explain your homework to a raccoon when you write it up. And not a very smart raccoon. I'm not talking Ranger Rick here."

ProfessorKarp: "Senor (I have no idea how to do a Spanish n on funwiki) purple curve may be nonlinear..."

ProfessorSu: "It's good to eat your vegetables at least... once in your life."

ProfessorHawkins?: "I remember the formula for bisulfite, because it goes both ways!"

ProfessorOmar: "Triangle and circle, they're colors too, why not."

ProfessorOmar: "I encourage things like showers."

ProfessorOmar: "Here's a map with provinces." DustinKane: "Can they be shires?" ProfessorOmar: "Yes, so here's Worchestershire..."

ProfessorBen?: "All your credit card belong to me."

ProfessorBen?: "Let's say I access the first animal, and I check out its legs. That didn't come out right."

ProfessorBen?: "If you put all the runtime notations together, it looks like Charlie Chaplin jumping over a puddle under a full moon. That's how I remember it!"

Student: "Is there any reason this is called the Master Theorem?" ProfessorONeill: "It was invented by the Doctor's nemesis." -Shamelessly stolen from the CS70 wiki

ProfessorONeill: "Then the compiler will give you some kind of error message, like: 'You're on crack!'"

ProfessorBen?: "I'd like to turn our attention now to something else we won't understand."

ProfessorBen?: *asks for volunteer and motions student to stand in teacher position* "Now I get to leave!"

"I've always wanted to do that."

ProfessorONeill: "What's the deal with radishes?"

ProfessorDuron: "This course is an introduction to signals and...whatever they call this course." (1st day of STEMS)

ProfessorDuron: "This is a stall tactic. Notice there are 3 possible boards I could be writing on, and I'm only writing on 2...think about that."

I don't go to STEMS enough to get more Duron quotes...

WhiteBoard for EmmaMeersman

Also note: swooping rules remain in effect until the first chem test. Back off.

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