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* Now she has a pet immortal who follows her everywhere and interferes with things. Sad Amundson.
* It's over!! (barring appendices, epilogues, Shadowstorms lead-ins, and the inevitable DM-grilling chat.)
** Remember those guywires Amundsen helped fix? Well, now she can snap them by pointing at them! While 60% of the party is still in the elevator, no less!
** She gives an awesomely freaky speech to Rett about how she doesn't want to see the Real Plane messed with, either by the Shadow or by lots o' relatively benign magic all over the place. Yes, that includes the party. And her. A mind scan shows her to be 28% evil; the snark is beautiful and terrible to behold.
** Cylene ganks Amundsen's shield and causes her to pass out, not a freakin' moment too soon.
** There's some kinda shiny thing in the sky heading toward the party really fast...
** Meredith, Reid, and Cylene chug the Booze of Valorian, teleport out of the elevator car, and fall more-or-less gently into a nearby swamp...
**...just in time for the radio tower to crash entirely.
** That shiny thing flying toward the party? Turns out it's a newly-awakened immortal: a dragon who spent the last 10 years as an airplane. No, really. (There is much OOC snark, and Steph comments that it's the most gruntled NPC in the campaign.)
** 60% of the party arrives from the swamp on dragonback.
** Hey, this dragon really wants to fight the Shadow on Amundsen! The geas is working already!
** Amundsen is very cranky at the dragon, just because it wants to follow her around invisibly until she's not Shadowed. Now she has a pet immortal who follows her everywhere and interferes with things. Sad Amundson.
** The party has a message from the Primal! Turns out they did in the last Realplanar representative of Avalon back when Amundsen was machine-gunning some Shadowed people. And now Avalon wants us to give 'em a replacement. Everyone sniffs at their sheer nerve, or something. Oh, except Meredith. He'll go for it.
** Reid has some extra necromancy to get rid of! He makes the Champion and Serpent corpses get up and do a little dance around Amundsen, then walk into the swamp. Unsettling!
** Amundsen lays some additional snark on Rett; Cylene and the dragon decide simultaneously that her Shadow-purging cannot wait.
* And then, there were epilogues.
* It's over!! (barring appendices, epilogues, ShadowStorms? lead-ins, and the inevitable DM-grilling chat.)

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In conclusion, PomonaSteve really needs to get willworker.net back up. You should bug him about it. Yes, you!

Eye of Chaos: Saving the Universe by Committee
Now with more smirking!
. . . is this a kissing book?

A RolePlaying game run by StephGrush, using a heavily-modified version of Mage: The Ascension. Meets on Saturday evenings (or whenever the players can actually get together, due to certain schedule conflicts), in various dorm rooms, at Brighton Park, outside on the EastDormGrassyKnoll, in the West Virginia countryside, at a Platt table, over AIM, or whatever is remotely feasible at the time.

The campaign has its 2-year anniversary last February (2005)! (And to think our first combat was only last semester . . .)

Update: As of 06/19/05, the campaign is not over. Yes, that's right, 4 of the 5 main players have graduated, and we're poised on the brink of our heroes' last climactic stand. I hear that AIM is looking really nice this time of year . . .

As the campaign is a story of discovery--only two of the original six characters began as mages, the other four oblivious to the existence of magic--this page refrains from mentioning any details about the characters that aren't party knowledge. Players are invited to add what information about their own characters that they wish.

The campaign web site can be found at http://www.willworker.net/~sithjawa/eyeofchaos/

In-Game Date: Wednesday, November 6, 2002

The Players:

Former Players:

Guest Players:

EyeOfChaos/BoardQuotes: Board Quote archive

Herein is contained the exploits of the party; the short version.

Fri, Sep 20 2002 - Wed, Oct 9 2002

Chapter 1, Part 1 (Summary)

Chapter 1, Part 2 (Summary)

Chapter 2 (Summary)

Chapter 3 part 1 (Summary)

Chapter 3 part 2 (Summary)

Chapter 3 part 3 (Summary)

Chapter 4 [Shadows Within]

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

[Insert summary of recent events here, if I could remember what damn day it was in campaign or what happened in the intervening days. Crappity.]

The Planar Jaunt, whenever that was

Sunday, November 3, 2002 (assuming I remember the dates right)

Monday, November 4, 2002

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

[the chronology may be pastede-on, especially for the last couple of days; feel free to edit and add stuff, please.]

To be Continued . . .

In conclusion, PomonaSteve really needs to get willworker.net back up. You should bug him about it. Yes, you!

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