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See also FairyTale

As the story goes, one day LoriThomas spotted NickJohnson and EvilSouthie in the lounge. To Nick, she says, "I've got a great idea for a campaign! I just need somebody to help me run it!"

Being curious, EvilSouthie asks for an explanation. Upon this explanation, he replies with some ideas of his own. The concept he came up with horrified Lori to such an extent that she shook her head vigorously and chanted, "No! Wrong! No! Bad!"

And so he decided to run it himself.

Out of such things was the FairyTaleCampaign born.

It has been noted that the FairyTaleCampaign holds a very close relation to the EnchantedForest? series, which is likely quite accurate. The style and humor is fairly close, and the setting is very similar. Basically, it's a medieval kingdom where all the standard fairy tale plot devices are standard knowledge to the characters. So the fact that the princes are septuplets are no surprise, the fact that the squire is more adept than the knight but serves him out of nobility and honesty is standard practice, the princesses are largely expected to be airheaded and swoon easily, falling all over the first prince to impress them.

Current characters: 7 Princes, a Barwench, a Squire, a Magic Sword, a Bitter Princess, TheIneptMage, a Blacksmith's Apprentice, an Honest Woodcutter, a Farmer's Daughter, a Dragon Slayer (who can't seem to find any dragons), a reluctant Peasant Hero, the Court Jester, and a Hobbit.

Current players: NickJohnson, StephGrush, MicahSmukler, WillShipley, EliBogart, ConorMcNassar, NickCarbone, JoshMiddendorf, SteveHaas, AlexBobbs, AlexPopkin?, MichaelVrable, MarkEphair, LizzNorton, LizzieKadison, EmilyCukier, DanCicio, LoriThomas, and AnneMarra

As soon as it gets to a decent length, I'm going to start posting the story generated so far on various Wiki pages, probably. Currently they're all being stored on my computer.

The Stories you've been waiting for

See also FairyTale

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