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Has now graduated. Archived for posterity.

Definitely not Lori despite her frequent symbolic use of llamas. Really. Trust me on this one. (Not fully and completely, the way that Jonathan claims to trust Lori.) No evil plots, either (is NotEvil. Really. And if you belive that, I've got a bridge you might be interested in buying...). Would never, ever come up with GreatEvil, especially when she's tired. In 2004-2005 she confused people by living in upstairs backhall as a sophomore, and the year before that she lived in LindeDorm (don't ask her why) and moved to SouthDorm at the semester, where she was much happier. Yes, that was frosh year. Had the trend continued she would have been a ZerothFloorEastie? her senior year (no idea what that is), but instead she hit the ground and bounced.

She and ChrisErickson served as EastDormPresidents with MacKenzieStuart as GrandVizier?. She has also been a DormMole? (aka EtherBunny?) and was happy to see chem majors starting to appear among the sophomores. In 2006-2007 she was EastDormProctor and lived upstairs in ProctorSuite.

Is no longer theoretically a MathMajor. Is now a real ChemMajor. She finally finished re-re-thinking her major, as she found the CheMistry department a wonderful thing some summers ago. She helped redo the frosh labs with new shiny computers and equipment. Yes, that's right. No, that wasn't an EvilLaugh you just heard.

Very much enjoys ContraDancing, though tends not to have the motivation. Proctor contra dancing trips were the second Saturday of every month.

Occasionally will screech if poked. Watch your eardrums.

Schedule, Spring 2007:

 CHEM 152  GreatEvil, Take Two                           2.0  arr.   
 CHEM 182  Why We Don't (Usually) Die                    3.0  T R   08:10 09:20
 CHEM 112  Not Breaking Expensive Mach--er, Instruments  1.0  T     13:15 17:15
 CHEM 199  Seminar                                       0.0  T     11:00 12:00
 CLAS 051b Just Jurors Judging and Other Thrilling Tales 3.0  MTWR  10:00 10:50
 ???? ???  ...And Again, Two Thousand Years Later        3.0  arr.  
 RLST 179  Liberation Theology: The Americas             3.0  M     13:00 16:00
 PE   4.x  Not Stepping On Others' Feet                  0.5i M W   19:00 20:00
 PE   1.05 Moving Pointy Things at High Velocities       0.5i M W   11:00 12:00
 JOB   58  Carbons Grutoring                             1.5i arr.  
 J&J  101  Apartment Draw                                ?.?i 
 LDR  179  Relationship Seminar                          3.0i (Correspondence Course)
                                            Total:       15.0 + 6.0i

Schedule template ganked from some combination of DanCicio and BrianYoung.


"There is a difference between philosophy and *crass* *biscuit* **mongering**!" --FrancesHocutt

In reference to the supposed homosexuality of SpongeBobSquarePants?: "There's a reason he's so absorbent!" --FrancesHocutt

From Harris's Quantitative Chemical Analysis regarding solving equilibrium problems: "Just when the world looks grim, the Good Chemist comes galloping down the hill on her white stallion to rescue us with some hints."

From the same, Reason no. 5 why you should not try to make a buffer by adding a salt and the conjugate acid: "You will probably make an arithmetic error anyway."

From a J. Org. Chem. style guide: "Please write in the active tense: 'A was added to B' rather than 'to a solution of B was added A.'"

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