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The rules (as amended by their original author MarkEphair and edited by PhilMiller) of the frosh auction are as follows:

  1. by winning a frosh, you only get rights to say to the frosh "i won you at an auction." you can not make them do anything, or not do anything.
  2. you might be inclined to adopt your frosh. treat it nice.
  3. Swooping is a crime punishable by torment and humiliation
  4. maximum of one (1) frosh per person.
  5. you may win a frosh and then give him/her to someone else on schmack
  6. the following are instructions on how to win a frosh:
    1. pick a frosh you want to win
    2. take the letters of the frosh's name, and make an anagram that makes sense.
    3. post to schmack and say why your anagram is a good anagram for that frosh (yes, i know you haven't met the frosh yet, probably. i dont care)
    4. get made fun of by Kurt, Nate, John Walseth, or any current or former dorm president or proctor for something you said in your email
  7. after you have completed ALL of the requirements listed in #6, you have now succeeded in winning your frosh. congratulations!
  8. if this is your second or later frosh, please indicate to schmack to whom you grant your frosh-rights.

NOTE: these are not all east-frosh, frosh from other dorms can be auctioned

2010 Frosh Auction Results All of the following were made fun of by JohnWalseth
2009 Frosh Auction Results

2008 Frosh Auction Results

2007 Frosh Auction Results:

Do we have a list of the froshies for 2004-05 yet? Eek eek?

The following people have won frosh in the auction:

The following people have currently pending attempts to win frosh in the auction, but have not yet been made fun of:

The results of the 2000-2001 FroshAuction is as follows:

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