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12. JeffBrenion

A FourDimensionalSuite in EastDorm whose three-dimensional portion is currently inhabited by the four FrOsh LoriThomas and JulieWortman (in 113) and KatyPerdue and LizzieKadison (in 115). They allegedly look alike (thus the name), although they themselves can find no basis for this claim. It's true! The only reason we're called the frosh clones is because you people can't tell us apart!--Lizzie Kadison

The current FrOsh inhabitants of FroshCloneSuite may be referred to as FroshClones or BoilerFrosh?. Maybe the subset of the FroshClones living in 113 and 115 could be referred to as the BoilerFrosh?, just to differentiate the two? --JulieWortman

The clones are now numbered:

	1. JulieWortman
	2. LoriThomas
	3. a) KatyPerdue
           b) VictoriaKrafft
	4. a) LizzieKadison
	   b) EliBogart
	   c) CalPierog
        5or7?. KatieLewis 
           a) BridgetLewis 
        8. ConorMcNassar
        9. WillShipley
        10. PaulScott
        11. DanielKagan
        12. JeffBrenion
        i. MichaelVrable (though not sure how to order i relative to the other numbers)

er...Vrable's not technically a frosh...I dunno if that means he has to be on the Others list or not...um...glayvin.


        -23. StephGrush
        -1. DanCicio
        -17. NickJohnson
        [infinity]. MoMar
        -i. RobinBaur (I think...)
        j. LauraKanofsky
        k. ArielBarton
        e[1]. MicahSmukler

(numbers still subject to approval by those numbered)

[1] The unit octonion, not the irrational number, of course!

In 2002-03, Lizzie, Lori, Katy, and Julie will be inhabiting East 102 and 104 (the suite formerly known as ChessersSuite). It has been hypothesized that they and TimeSuck6 will merge into a sort of uber-FourDimensionalSuite (insert EvilLaugh here).

On a completely unrelated note, they would like to obtain a large MobiusStrip? to hang across EastDorm courtyard...

Few people know that Eli and Lizzie are actually the same person (think about it, have you ever seen them together?). Check out TheBrubeck's AreYouWatchingTheChai photos for a disproof of this fact. (Smoke and mirrors, dude. It's all smoke and mirrors. That, and holograms. And plenty of glayvin. Yeah.)

Cal, Katie, Conor, et al. are included because they generally exhibit FroshClone tendencies.

They definitely do not own a cloning machine, glayvinium bomb, or KatyPerdue action figure (with Cal-kicking action).

Known for such random ideas and discoveries as "Weeeee!", VrableBall and AreYouWatchingTheChai. Passionately hates FroshChem and highly advocates LiquidClue. Largely responsible for breaking MichaelVrable. Hey! What about me? I think I deserve some credit here.--DanCicio

Has committed some small-scale (boxing DanCicio, inverting EvilSouthie, feminizing CalPierog) and large-scale (ElectricRose) pranks.

Includes several participants in the first-ever game of QuantumMafia.

FroshCloneSuite is also commonly referred to as LaundrySuite? and BoilerSuite, due to its proximity to both. The inhabitants endure the heat of the boiler on the fragile hope that someday, when winter arrives, FroshCloneSuite may actually be comfortably warm. (...Which it decidedly was. Now that it's more-or-less spring, I've resorted to leaving the door open most of the time again. Blast. --JulieWortman)

Due to boiler & lack of AC FrOsh year and distance from boiler & two AC units SophoMore year, I propose "Fire and Ice suite" (Proposal largely aimed at Julie, the keeper of the list) -LoriThomas

Verily. Though I don't know what's happened to the list. -JulieWortman

Okay, here's a vague attempt at recreating the list of possible names for the suite (SophoMore year edition):

I know there are lots more. Add 'em as you remember 'em (or make up new ones).


WhiteBoard, anyone?

Crackheaded quotes:

"The Internet works better if you're on the Internet...and you're naked." -JulieWortman I swear I don't remember saying this.

"The face of Death is the forehead of F*ck." -DanCicio

"You am this many coherent." -various

"Does anyone have a good feel for ounces?" -KatyPerdue

"We definitely need a celebratory noserub." -KatyPerdue A GoodIdea, unlike someone's BadIdea

"What is it with you and saying 'no' when I want to show you things?" -NickCarbone

"Julie, go back to petting your Cracker Jacks."--KatyPerdue

"Boy, you really gotta squeeze that mofo good, don't you?" --CalPierog

"Oh, it's time to turn on the cleavage. Eernt." --JulieWortman

"All you have to do is get Margaret Thatcher in a pool and you can prove anything." --MichaelVrable

"I don't want to be a figment of Margaret Thatcher's imagination." --MicahSmukler

"Physics is a continuous function." --ProfessorChen

    ConorMcNassar: "Come worship the pole with us!"
    LoriThomas: "...I have toast."

    KatyPerdue: "Those smoothies are really fruity."
    LoriThomas: "That's 'cause they're made of fruit!"

    LoriThomas: "I'm gonna hide behind Steph."
    StephGrush: "I'm gonna hide behind myself."
    JulieWortman: "I'm gonna asphyxiate Jeff."
    JeffBrenion: "I'm gonna die!"

From the halcyon days of FroshChem:

    JulieWortman: "You'll learn the polyatomic ions much faster if you swear at them."
    KatyPerdue: "It's, like, 'Per-fucking-manganate!'"


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