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2015 - 2016

Boiler Suite - MaggieGelber and LydiaSylla

Current people record: 16

See TheFrounge


East 161 - SarahHale and QuentinBarth


Boiler Suite - PaigeRinnert and LinneaNelson


East 111, occupied by NicoleKyle and EmmaMeersman in the 2012-2013 (and 2013-2014) school year. Many a frosh would come knock on the door in search of some other frosh's help on a difficult mechanics problem. Note that those doing the helping were usually not the actual residents of the room.

Rules of FroshLounge:

FroshLounge is also incredibly skilled in the art of n + frosh. n + frosh is a peculiar phenomenon in which every time EmmaMeersman comes back to the room, exactly one additional frosh is present. The highest that n has ever gotten in one night is eight, though it is very likely this will be broken sometime in the next few years.

In the 2013-2014 school year, it will be transformed into SuiteEqualistAwesomeEmmaPornPartyLounge, and will most likely become SophLounge?. Never mind, it will always be FroshLounge. It is still a member of the aforementioned suite, but FroshLounge is a universal constant.

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