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* Am not. Lori is much more frequently blue than I am. And I am not dying my hair just to make this true.


Alternatively, a vaguely cat like creature possessed of a crooked tail and unnatural cuteness, but don't let that fool you, they are utterly evil. Kill on sight.

Also, they are far too dexy (and are the cause of Ghetto Sphere).

In Steph's own words:

This was a collaboration of Lori's and mine, spring break campaign last year. The players had been hired by the kingdom to dispose of the large number of nasty monsters that had come down out of the mountains following a recent magical storm. After fighting several such beasts, they came across a town that was plagued by mischief - thefts of food, chicken raids, and two babies - by a number of small creatures. No one had been able to get a good look at these creatures; the best description the players could get was that they were blue and cat-sized. It was their contractual duty to find and kill these menaces.

They found the den of the creatures in a derilict barn outside of town. The first creature they saw was clearly a baby fuzzy blue thing, and very timid; the slightest move by a player would startle the creature and send it fleeing back to its den. The players sent Nick to watch the back entrance to the den, rather concerned by the harmless look of these creatures. They were even more concerned when they discovered one of the two missing human babies in the den - but only one.

To make a long story short, the party was rather divided on whether or not it was right to kill these harmless baby creatures, but it wasn't long before a terrified fuzzy blue thing shot past Nick. He quickly shot the beast, and called out "Got one!" which effectively - temporarily - ended the argument. Meanwhile, another of the party fell victim to the baby blue things' innate ability: Charm person...

The party never quite forgave us for the baby fuzzy blue things, that with their one hit die were the most terrifying obstacle the party faced that campaign...

I was just thinking about wikifying this. Good job, Nick.

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