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Galileo/CS room (B134)/Big? Beckmann (B126)
Followed by a trip to DoughnutMan.
Galileo/CS room (B134)/ Big Beckmann (B126)
Usually Followed by a trip to DoughnutMan.

HaloFrosh were those wacky little munchkins you would have seen last year having fun in James and Elorm's room when you walked downstairs. They also play in Galileo a lot. This year the downstairs northwest corner is HaloSuite, offering even more awesome excitement for up to 16 people.

Of course more than 16 people can be accomodated through gambling, drinking games, stripping games, and other Halo enhancements. Halo Frosh are known to admire NinjaGaiden, the awesomest game on the XBox, along with Halo. For this reason, approximately 85 percent of Halo Frosh are believed to be ninjas, including:

(Name: In-game alias)

JamesOsburn: JimmyJ, also: Lebowski (BigLebowski? reference, obviously), The Dude (also a BigLebowski? reference)
StephenYu: originally IA, now Acid Burn, also: Warp Burn
MichaelMaindi: CABAL, also: SpawnIDareU, WarpIDareU, TurdFurgesn
AndrewKouzelos: Silent JAK,DreW,Extracrispyfuckbucket
DonNy: ColdFire
JoshSinanan: originally, originalsin, now Antiwank and a cinnibon
ElormFoli?: originally UR mom, also: pussy, (pronounced spiz-ace)
LoganGordon: Logan5, also: WeaponX (xmen reference) [DoughnutAward winner]
GregSandstrom: Legolas, originally Gimli, also: Shagy, Sonic, Pinky
JoaquinNagle: All spelling variations on Joaq Man [DoughnutAward winner], also: NorfLxDzNutz in addition, Scooby, Tails and TheBrain
TylerBrown?: Mr T, also: Rangel (contraction of range angel), Bucktfucker
KyleRoberts?: originally, Kyle, now orberts and New007
EricBerglund: Macavenger, occasionally just Mac
JamesDarpinian?: Spyhunter, Spy
AdamField: nobody

SheriMarkwardt?: FIGGY [DoughnutAward winner]
JonathanBeall: JiBB
MichaelVrable: Vrable
TimGarvey DeezNutz
KevinBergemann: Tatsu
WillShipley: Skyfall

It would be nice if they did stuff besides play or talk about HaLo once in a while. It would be nice if they did YourMom once in a while!
Of course, ultimate, movies, climbing, camping, settlers, clerks the animated series, poker, DeathChess, risk, and LacParties?, are all not HaLo. Sadly, no HaloFrosh have been observed adjacent to these activities. But the search continues!

The dream team is greg and wok. Past names: Scooby and Scrappy, Thing One and Thing Two, Sonic and Tails, Jay aka J and Silent Bob.

Indeed they are far more dangerous as a whole then the sum of their parts.

Well friends, a new era is starting. Although we will forever be THE HaloFrosh, next year, none of us will be A HaloFrosh. That honor is passing to the incomming class, and as we ascend to guide those who follow us in the ways of Halo, I think it is time that we expand the structure of our organization. I would therefore suggest that we make it possible to list any details relevant to our cause here. --CABAL
Halo News! Last updated 8-04-04

A list of boxes for use:

Please add yourself and XBox if you would like, and please update and clarify the status of your XBox.

Next HaloNight:

     Saturday, Febtober 23, 2004
     8:00 PM to 4:00 AM
     Galileo/CS room (B134)/ Big Beckmann (B126)
     Usually Followed by a trip to DoughnutMan.

PreFrosh who would like to get involved (whatever that means) early:

Imma wait right here until one of you erases this and puts your name and prefered handles up here.

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