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A small (~800 student, although they want to expand to 900) college located FortyFiveMinutes from downtown LosAngeles, catering to technical interests and oddball senses of humor.

As of 2020 this number has exceeded 900, and as of 2024 they have been pushing to expand to 1000 students with plans to build another dorm (eventually)

A more blunt summary of Mudd was found at EveryThing:

Harvey Mudd is a place where i went to learn how to flush my classmates heads in the toilet, sexually harrass the faculty and staff, mistreat the cafeteria workers, pirate software over the dorm ethernet, copy homework from my friends, lie on job applications, and most importantly, to complain bitterly that nobody has the right to criticize me because i am obviously so much @#$@#$ smarter than everyone else and i go to harvey mudd where there is an "honor code"

(see HonorCode)

The official voting body of the students of HarveyMuddCollege is AsHmc. ASHMC also gives money to AshmcClubs that do FunThing?s.

Dorms in HarveyMuddCollege include:

Mudd used to include the FoothillApartments, but these were (thankfully) demolished to make room for SontagDorm.

Some people also live OutsideTheBubble.

There are six majors offered at Mudd:

Other possibilites include the JointMajor, which combines aspects of both the ComputerScience and MathMajor but which is distinct from both, an off-campus HumMajor, or an IndividualProgramOfStudies?.

And then there is the (very) recent MathematicalBioMajor, as well as the even more recent BioChemMajor? (which is a JointMajor between the ChemMajor and the BioMajor and is sometimes called ChemBioMajor? instead).

For bonus points you can try and out stall the committee planning the ComputationalBiology? until a point in your Junior year when you have only a few hours left to submit an IndividualProgramOfStudies?. This is a GoodIdea.

Mudders have a unique vocabulary called MuddSpeak. Mudders travel in failures.

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