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*Grading Scale (1-10, 1 being easiest): 6
*Grading Scale (1-10, 1 being easiest): 4

Ever signed up for a hum which you thought would be fun and easy only to find out that it's more work than CS70 and the prof curves between a C and an F? This page was created so people could leave feedback on the hum classes they've taken. So when you're registering for classes, you won't be forced to guess the right hum and hope you get a good one.

Would anyone mind if this were alphabetized in order of course name? --KatieLewis

Also, it might be nice if we had another get together to give people recommendations on hums before scheduling for next semester. Especially for the frosh.. Or has this been planned and I never heard about it? --KL

(Might also check out: MuddTextBooks, HumDepartment, and BookSale)

Everyone is encouraged to leave feedback here.

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