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"Hey Ian, say something funny!"

Ian is was and will be a MatheMatics major at HarveyMuddCollege, except for that fateful semester back in sophomore year, when he thought he was a JointMajor. Ian has been JohnWalseth's roommate for two years running, and will be his suitemate next year. He has a homepage you can visit at: http://www3.hmc.edu/~ischempp

Ian loves comedy more than most things in this universe (except me-Anon), and will be director of WithoutaBox, or, as it is known in EastDorm, "NoBox?". WithoutaBox is an ImprovComedy group based in the ClaremontColleges. It's funny. Along these veins, Ian has found a new "funniest show ever", UprightCitizensBrigade. The UprightCitizensBrigade is an ImprovComedy troupe based in New York City. They are hella funny, and should be watched by all who enjoy comedy.

Although he enjoys the game, he claims no SuperSmashBrothers titles, although he has an undying thirst for AriNieh's blood. If he were a super hero, his name would be Capt. Apathy. He probably plays far too many VideoGames, but sometimes, that's just ok (just not in his case-also Anon). His current obsessions would be DiabloIi and WildArmsTwo.

Currently, he is working for ProfessorSu on the FunFact website. He makes pretty pictures that will be added soon. He might also make a new FunFact or two, but that is yet to be seen. You, person who is reading this, should check out the website because...well, because it is full of FunFacts, and everyone loves FunFacts.


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