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IncorrigibleRapscallionThugs is probably what IRT stands for, according to LoriThomas. The term originates from demi-Professor Watkins' rant about those "IRT people" running in and ruining the DickAThon. We can only assume that he was referring to players of ItrGames (also note that a real prof would certainly remember how to spell ITR).

The IncorrigibleRapscallionThugs were responsible for the following:

The IncorrigibleRapscallionThugs are not in any way officially affiliated with FroshCloneSuite. At all. Don't even entertain the possibility that they might be, even if the possibility is EasilyAmused.

Non-members of the IncorrigibleRapscallionThugs don't not include:

If you are not not a non-member, feel free to add yourself or anyone you know isn't not one.


We know that StephGrush has never been a member, since she was one of the heinous group's first targets (see DickAThon). In fact, by that indisputable logic, not discounting the above not-unlisted non-members, we can only be truly certain about the non-membership of the following:

(I'm StephGrush, and I didn't fail to not disapprove this notice.)

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