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If you were ever addicted to a video game, it's probably there.

It seems the historical ItrSuite has passed into AncientMyth. A suite in EastDorm, they were among the creators of ItrGames. They pulled many of the BigPranks of yesteryear. And yes, some members really were InvitedToRetire.

Actually, 1 of them ITR'ed and the other three graduated with honors.

But that was all BeforeYouWereBorn.

The graduated with honors thing is not true. ItrSuite had many people who lived in it and around it. The central people were:

A few of these people did amazingly well GPA-wise. A few did not. They are all pretty cool people though.

The ItrSuite motto is/was: "It's better the second time around," which is certainly the case for second semester Frosh Physics.

FunFact: JohnWalseth PreFrosh-ed with ItrSuite, and like so many of its members, went on to become a proctor.

News! One of the largest mass sightings of ItrSuite folks since their graduation occurred just this past weekend (June 2, 2001)! Reports indicate that a certain afficianado of AlaskaUsa with a redudant name became married to a certain Gurl. Multiple members of the Suite were in attendance to witness and/or participate in the event, and yes, the groom DID get ponded.


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