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JakeLow is a student at HMC and a member of the class of 2014. Jake lives in EastDorm. (Shush, AtwoodDorm is not a real place.) Jake is frequently referred to as "LoungePants", after his preferred method of loin-girding.

Jake's notable achievements include a high number of bicycle collisions with stationary objects, as well as the discovery of immortality (Jake cannot die). Jake also has an impressive track record of tipping backwards while attempting to balance in chairs.

Jake is interested in computers. Jake likes computers, in much the same way that ordinary mortals like breathing oxygen. Jake is majoring in CS.

This year, Jake is a BBQ Baron, along with PatrickMeehan. Jake is also President of Nerfshmc.

Some, but not all, of these things are true about Jake:

Jake is cuddly and loveable. He is armed and considered highly dangerous. Do not approach.


Some things Jake likes (besides computers, lounge pants, and pirates):


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