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JeffBrenion is dead with the rest of the class of '05. He will live on in spirit. The spirit of.... mathy yet lovable FFXI addicts?

Jeff is a person. He tries to be sweet and lovable, and nice to other people. This doesn't mean that he'll necessarily be your best friend; he may not be able to stand you at all. But he'll still try to be nice to you if he has to deal with you. As a general rule, if Jeff doesn't make an excuse to leave when you're around, he probably likes you. He is also neurotic and freakishly organized. Very much like June Cleaver. Except with a penis.

Jeff has many stuffed toys that are soft and fuzzy and lower his blood pressure. His blood pressure is naturally low anyhow, so this is probably a bad thing. Meh. The current roster includes:

Jeff enjoys reading, RolePlaying, and being silly. He also enjoys VideoGames, and tends to be very lucky when acquiring randomly dropped items. Most attempts to consciously exploit this tendency have failed (but here's hoping). He tends to be extremely anal in any game that involves collecting a set of items. This is a problem with games such as the StarOcean? series and anything by Nippon Ichi, which include massive item creation systems. Fortunately, Jeff will eventually manage to break an addiction to one game - by replacing it with another. Doo de doo.

Jeff is the bringer of really, really weird video games, such as SpaceChannel5? and GitarooMan. He's got nothing on KatamariDamacy?, though.

Jeff is also responsible for the small scale, but long lived, DuctTapedFloor prank.

Jeff is currently living in a two-bedroom apartment (yes, we're staying in different rooms) with LizKadison. The gender roles in said apartment are hilarious.

In 1984, Jeff received first place in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant, beating future VP-candidate Sarah Palin.


I have to go unzip it and see exactly what I am dealing with. -JeffBrenion

Should I be talking about Dan's ass now? -JeffBrenion

"If I don't shave my bikini zone at least 3 times a week, EVERYTHING goes to hell!" -JeffBrenion

But now I'm figuring that if I have a martial artist ninja thief, and make Elmdor into a sleeping frog chicken, it should be okay, as long as I steal from the back. -JeffBrenion

This is severely interfering with my perkiness. -JeffBrenion, on several (successful) attempts to break his brain

"Would you like me to put on more clothes so it will be more satisfying for you?" -JeffBrenion

"'Asshole' is a Taylor approximation for 'jackass'." -JeffBrenion

 "Whee! I get to impregnate Jeff! Ack!" - EvilSouthie
 "Bow-mah-oh my god no!" - SteveHaas
 "Right, then, back to writing this prophecy. Lori, your character is male, right? - EvilSouthie
 "Waaaah!" - LoriThomas

 "Stop, Steve! You've already done it once tonight!" - JeffBrenion
 "Come here! You totally want to look at it!" - JeffBrenion
 "Let's break Lori! Somebody get me a skirt!" - JeffBrenion
 "Hey, could you spread your legs a little more, so I can get in?" - JeffBrenion, to SteveHaas

"I am the Alpha and Omega, the supplier and the withholder. The Jeff giveth the crack, and he taketh it away." - JeffBrenion

"Keep your tongue away from my unpoke!" --JeffBrenion

"It's the slurping sounds that make it better . . ." --JeffBrenion

"Aww yeah...all the ladies pity me."

 "You have to give it a scratch behind the toner cartridge." --RobinBaur, referring to a printer
 "Where's my toner cartridge?" --JeffBrenion
 "That's something young men have to find out for themselves, Jeff." --RobinBaur

"The peanut is coming on to me!" --JeffBrenion

"Jeff is *like* food." --LoriThomas

"Live fast, die young, leave a pixelated corpse." --JeffBrenion

Jeff, on what it takes to get him worked up: "It's like, a leaf falls off a tree.... and I'm horny."

"Naked tonberry might be happy." -- JeffBrenion

"I'm going to go play video games until my eyes bleed. That should calm me down." -- JeffBrenion

 JeffBrenion:  ...you could factor large prime numbers --
 DanCicio:  You can't factor large prime numbers.
On the difference between a monkey and an ape: "So a monkey is a primate with a table?"

 JeffBrenion: Because I'm Ted Kennedy, dammit!
 JulieWortman: So you use Befunge?

 RichardGarfinkel:  So what's the base case for understanding recursion?
 JeffBrenion:  Doritos.

"You are the r0x0r? beneath my b0x0rs?." --Jeff

[spreading jacket] "This would make a pretty decent sail, if I were a boat."

"Jeff, you are such a neurotic bitch. It's fantastic." --LizKadison

"Okay, stop masturbating your LJ." --JeffBrenion

Jeff's Schedule for the foreseeable future:
 WORK168-01  Introduction to Reality             MTWTF    Arr.   Monster.com

 CRAK024-07  Advanced Topics in Unreality        MTWTFSS  Yes    SquareEnix?

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