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JeremyWestfahl is a FifthFloorEastie who spent a year at Mudd, but now goes to UCR, although he still spends a lot of his time on the weekends at HMC. He plays SSBM pretty frequently and goes to Melee tournaments whenever they happen, although they're less common nowadays due to Brawl. He is incompetent at most things that aren't video games.

If anybody ever wants to contact me for some reason, I'm on Facebook as "Fly Amanita." I'm also easy to find on Smashboards and All is Brawl.

Here are some videos of my Brawl ICs from a tournament on August 2nd:

Fly Amanita Vs. Cakes: http://www.getyourtournament.com/multimedia/2008/08/shuffle-and-cut-fly-amanita-vs-cakes.html
Fly Amanita Vs. JameZ: http://www.getyourtournament.com/multimedia/2008/08/shuffle-and-cut-fly-amanita-vs-jamez.html
Fly Amanita Vs. Edrees: http://www.getyourtournament.com/multimedia/2008/08/shuffle-and-cut-semifinals_03.html
Fly Amanita Vs. Futile: http://www.getyourtournament.com/multimedia/2008/08/shuffle-and-cut-finals-futile-vs-fly.html

Cakes is some random Marth/Falco player. JameZ is a pretty good Marth main who is somewhat active in SoCal Brawl tourneys. Edrees is the best Peach in SoCal; the first round of our set (ICs Vs. Peach on Smashville, which I won) wasn't uploaded and the third round (ICs Vs. Ness on FD) was accidentally uploaded twice. Futile is the best Wario in the country and the second most consistent smasher on the West Coast. He's too good. =(

Axis Gaming- West Coast Majors, August 30th

Fly Amanita Vs. Plank, round 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKj6XuM0XrQ
Fly Amanita Vs, Plank, round 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHAnxaqOltw&feature=related


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