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John Little is endlessly energetic, full of hair, and sustains his metabolism by devouring his guests with a fork and questions. He listens your favorite genre of music and admires your creativity.

You will hear music from his room across the courtyard, a lovely distraction. "John," you call to him, popping your head in, "How you been?"

"Amazing," he will say. "Incredible, really fantastic!" You can see the exclamation points emanating from his eyes. "I'm having a great day!"

"Well, how have you been, though?" he will reply. "Come in, have a seat, have a chocolate." He fluffs his hair to double the size of his head, while you have found yourself sitting down in a chair that swallows the curve of your spine. Ahh. It's quite comfortable. Too comfortable, in fact...

John Little is endlessly energetic, anything but little, and whistles while he works. He amplifies his exuberance by consuming the brains of guests, and they become him. Why, here he is now, his door's propped open, and it sounds like jovial laughter inside. You hear a voice. "Welcome," he says, grabbing a carving knife and sharpener...

"Also he is really attractive and you should get eaten by him it'll be fun." -LilyFriedberg

IanTaylor Frosh Roommate

JacobRoth Soph Roommate

Ostensibly president of UnicycleClub?

See also: TheWallStreetUrinal

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