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JonathanBeall (Last name pronounced as "bell"),is an alumnus from the class of 2007. He is a ComputerScience major, pyro, and a lover of tea. After a couple of years of grad school at the University of Washington PhD program, he is now freelancing and programming for the iPhone while living in Boulder, Colorado with AmandaKlaus.

He is often found by the username JiBB or some variant online.

Silly quotes that made a lot more sense in context:

Not from Jonathan, but about him:

His Boulder Public Library Card that he left in the airduct below Parsons was found on October 22nd, 2007 by DmitriSkjorshammer, AlexMcAuley and AndreyShur. Previously, he had discovered a library card left in the same location by DanCicio.


Ahaha, I escaped! -RobinDobashi

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