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Commentary originally inserted in KLGoodBooks. Archived here for reference so that booklist is easier and clearer to read:

[Note: At bottom of the page is other commentary for my purposes. List of books to read and the list of books read but not as yet if ever catagorized on KLGoodBooks has been moved to KLxToReadxReadingxRead.]

Note you might want to change your formatting, since the "preformatted" stuff doesn't wordwrap on at least my browser (hopefully this has now been properly addressed)

Interesting list, but you might want to try to improve the formatting a little. It's hard to read right now.

Better? --KL

	Well written and entertaining as I recollect.
	(might like Susan Cooper. I am unqualified to evalutate this)
Assuming you mean the "Dark is Rising" sequence, while they are also very good I think they have a much more serious/mystical tone than Yolen's work.
Next paragraph seriously messed up - two author combination see next paragraph comment.
Your right, I should never have but Cooper next to Yolen. I just wanted to mention her and I was thinking under the vague catagory of sci fi. Haven't read much of Coopers, as I said - The book of the girl in the temple was so dark I didn't finish it before I returned the library book (one can't renew library books forever). Sparrow I liked, I think. Oddly it seemed like a half memory of something else that I liked better, and had read a long time ago, but I think it was the same book. And Over Sea and Under Stone (or whatever that book was called) was a light reading child's book as I recollect). Anyway, my mistake. (I'll leave these comments here for a bit, in case you read back, and then I'll move Susan Cooper)(I haven't actually read the Dark is Rising Sequance, though I've run into people who swear by it. I'll get around to reading it eventually. I have this impression that Over Sea and Under Stone is one of the books in it, which makes me surprised at peoples comments, but then there has to be a good deal more to the series given that there's something involving a King in one of the later books (or at least one of the titles is 'The Gray King' or something like that). Anyway.)
I feel like a complete idiot. For the record I just combined Cooper and Ursela LeGuin?. Unbeknownst to myself and everyone else they are now the same person! Allright clarfication: Susan Cooper wrote the 'Dark is Rising' Sequence including 'Over Sea and Under Stone' and the 'Grey King'. Ursela LeGuin? wrote the Sparrow book and the girl in the temple book. I'm probably getting various names here mixed up. Nether authors should have been placed under Yolen.
Remove this if I'm wrong, but do you mean E.B. White's "The Trumpet of the Swan"?
Yes, I thinks so. (Oh, I should mention Charlotte's Web as well, to have a more compelete list.)
"A foolish consistency...", yeah. There's more to the quote, but I forget it all.
Maybe "Through the Hidden Door" or somesuch, by Rosemary Wells? Weird book with weird kids and a cave?
... and there's also "The Door in the Wall", about an orphaned boy in pre-Renaissance England
Definitely not the second. I thought it possible it could be the first, but the description in the library catolog is not right at all: "Two boys stumble upon the remains of an ancient underground civilization". I'm thinking of a picture book with beautiful pictures of a family or people that live their lives locked underground, in caves, and there's a door under a tapestry that is somehow forbidden, and a girl (or maybe its a boy, I thought it was a girl) or possibly a small number of children, go out. I don't exactly remember what happens after that though there is a conflict and an evil old woman or witch who at the end is confined indoors - where the people had been confined before - knitting cobwebs. This sound familiar to anybody? Not terribly important really, but something I remember distinctly from my childhood and one of these days I hope to happen across it again.
Sounds like a Star Trek:TOS plot... ;-)
You remember it distinctly, huh? -BridgetLewis
(I think my favorite is still the first one I read: The man in the brown suit or the man in the grey suite or something like that)
It is indeed The Man In The Brown Suit, or at least that was the title of the movie...
Also by her, And Then There Were None, or Ten Little Indians (same book, different title). My favorite of her works, and very well done, classic mystery story
There's a sequel? Cool.-KL

Random commment: ((Luck:ladyjane:Ringworld~magic:whatshisnose (Piers Anthony):A Spell for Chameleon. Am wondering if this is the only dejavu Ringworld gave me or if it was something else)) -KL
(Thank you whoever added authors in for Half Magic, Cheaper by the Dozen, etc., and whoever added the link to This-is-the-tittle-of-this-story)

[books to be considered adding to initial list but haven't decided on -

very light reading - The Nine Princes in Amber, Society of the Mind,
the Fountainhead - haven't finished reading this. incredible book in many ways, but perhaps shouldn't blanket recommend. shall I say adult readership starting in on the second sub-book?
books I haven't read yet, to include: the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Anne Frank
commentary on my being not particularly taken with some of the other books by Changling Sea author
should possibly cull some of the weaker books or signal caliber's better
recently (as within the last year) found out that that Starship troopers was by Heinlein
consider Dragonlance's?
I need generally to from a section for cheap highly entertaining pure sugar, the sorts of books that are good to read, but aren't of a caliber for particular recommendation, that is to say things of the sort of Wizard's First Rule which in general is quite an entertaining book (if you skip all the brutality in the middle (I don't generally recommend skipping things in books but there are some sorts of things I refuse to read (I refer here to the final sections of Arrow's Fall), am better off not reading in my opinion)) but not of on line with the quality of other books I might like to recommend. I mean take Ronia the Robbers Daughter porbably lighter reading, but it matters to me, is part of my culture, is of a caliber somehow. Whereas Wizards First Rule is to me something on the order of a throw away book (though redeamed to a large degree by the wizard) and something I may read again in the future. I mean one quite frequently needs large quantities of entertaining(/or capturing) books, so heads up to them are useful, but they aren't say the sort of books you go out of your way to recommend.
(Oh, A Lesson Before Dying. Should I put that up. I don't remember.)
In general might be good to link some of the more proliferate authors and list and/or critique their books. I generally listed a given author or their first/best book of theirs that I have come across so far. In some cases all of their books may be wonderful and possibly of greater merit then many others by other authors that I actually listed in other cases the author may have written many much weaker books as well as good.
might enjoy creating a book list to critique and insult books that may deserve it in some way. (ex: the large sections in Moby Dick detailing random and unnecessary and possibly wrong pronouncements or anecdotes or measurements about whales. ex: 100 years of solitude that I had to read for extra credit in 9th grade)
definitely need to fill out the general fiction and nonfiction recommendations
also might list some movie recomendations
would sincerely like music recommendations but can't really create something like this that I need more than can create
lists of plays and musicals
(class critique's?)
list of itr games should we all disappear into the mists and people come across wiki..
itr possiblities
tag like games to be played with large groups of people
(someone needs to create a listing history of East pranks)
what am I writing now? I really don't want to review for that test do I? over & out.]

Books I haven't figured out wether I should do anything with them yet: The Ancient One, the unicorn book I'm currently reading, The Nine Princes of Amber, Another Fine Myth, Xanth books, Catch-22, Wizards First Rule, Lynn Reid Banks, Jacob I have loved, Ellen Tebit, The Face on the Milk Carton, Winds of Mars, Alien Secrets, Wolf By the Ears, Benjamin Franklin, The Declaration of Independance, Solomon's book in the Bible, "IF..", David Eddings, Calvin&Hobbs, Midget; Books I can't remember: wizard stuck in a tree, horse book involving Custer, picture book of the secret door, programing wizard ends up in fantasy land and programs magic, game of thought book I don't remember, picture book of George and the Dragon, picture book of Dove who gets turned into a dragon?,; Books I haven't read but have been told to read; Books I no longer remember: Magic Kingdom for sale, the Zimmerman Telegram,; List of fairy tales and legends;

If you aren't me and are adding comments or aditional recommendations, Would you add them in italics please? (Correcting spelling or adding authors or such in italics would be silly - common sense.) I really do like comments, recommendations, corrections, etc. Only, this is my list of recommendations - sort of a book ranking - Saying these are some of the best or most entertaining books I've read and grouping them similarly for better helpfulness. I can't very well recommend books I've never read or heard of, much as they might be excellent books (its true I've mentioned some, but I state them as mentioned and they are based on my sense of what I've heard). Anyway, I've italizicized the comments recently made, thank you for reading this and caring, but I warn you, I shortly am going to edit and incorporate comments. (Note that Shell Silverstine and Homer were mentioned in a seperate part of the list, though perhaps you were recommending a reorganization. (Though I just read the Illiad and am thinking of removing the comment I had had in there - if mentioned I think I'll have it under full list of classics.)) I'll keep added things in archives or at the bottom of the page at the least. If you wanted to make recommendations to me - maybe add comments at the bottem of the page?? I don't know. Does it make sense at all what I'm saying? This list is sort of something I'm putting my name behind as recommending. Note GoodBooks for recommending. -KL I'm sorry. I just can't leave these in italicized or no. I'm archiving them. Who are Wallace Stevens and Basho? What is Rhinocerous? What did Elizabeth Bishop write again? I'm afraid I haven't read Paradise Lost. I'll keep these in mind. -KL

I should probably write things, but I'm tired and I won't write now. Sorry. thank you for clarifying some.

Why did you call the Iliad "a soldier's tale"? -KL
Probably because it is...i.e. it Odysseus is a soldier and the whole book mainly consists of men fighting, dying, drinking, and praying..
Haven't read this I'm afraid. -KL
One of the best books ever written. You should!
What did he write -KL
Listed in a different place. The Emerson section was meant to be more sayings and wisdoms not general poetry. I'm sorry this was unclear. - KL
I'm trying to figure out if I recognize this -KL
An epic poem written some time ago, originally in Middle English.
? I have no idea what or who this is. Sorry. -KL
A great Haiku artist.
(some Links: http://members.aol.com/markabird/basho.html)
a Link: http://www.poets.org/poets/poets.cfm?45442B7C000C01
Awesome Poetry
? I'm afraid I don't recognize this at all. I'll keep in mind that I should read it. - KL
A neat absurdist play by Ionesco. Good discussion of syllogism. Of course I have no idea if that's what the original commentator was referring to. -EB
above commentary old, I have since read Iliad and first several chapters of Odyssey.

Note: I find the Fitzgerald translation easier to read than the Lattimore.
I would prefer the Fagle's translation over both of them.
Noted. haven't read Fagle which was why didn't mention.

	Most anything you can get your hands on.

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(started)Attempt at comprehensive list of wiki book links (omited ones listed on KLGoodBooks): ChildOfThunder

TheElegantUniverse EndersGameAThon TheFaceOfBattle

LOTRaThon SilmarilianAthon?

ModestProposal OtherlandCityOfGoldenShadow OtherlandSeaOfSilverLight ThePeloponnesianWar PlaguesAndPeoples RedMars SheriTeppersGrass ThereAreNoChildrenHere

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A Listing of Some Books for Classical Mythology


Further Ancientish Greek and Roman Writers

Other Sources:

Note: [Some Detailed Timelines]

Note another link for on-line finding: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/

A listing of Philosophy and Political Philosophy books

List of Some Text Sources On-line

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Nothing to do with this page but I felt like puting it somewhere:

It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet by James Herriot; Book on tape reader: Christopher Timothy; was a good copy.
The scene: Two roomates sitting at computers. One is wrapped in a blanket and both appear to be rather [passive, tired,..?].

<Alarm goes off in some other part of the room>

"Is that yours?"

second roomate, hardly moving, seated at desk: "Yeah. I had better wake up."

originally on BookSale or MuddTextBooks:

Austen, Jane.
Bronte, Charlotte. (16 -17 )
Defoe, (1
Fielding, (1
Haywood, Eliza Fowler.(?1693-1756)
Inchbald, Elizabeth. (1

For my purposes, please ignore!

Finding articles


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