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Note from Kai: SeleneTan created this node without my prior knowledge... but, er, I'll leave it, I suppose...

Note from SeleneTan: Actually, it was DavidLiao who made this node. I was just the last person to edit it, since he didn't mention BananaBread?. (Granted, I was looking over his shoulder when he made the node...)

Quote: Why would I want a wiki node?

Four words: Napoléon, noble leader, dictator

More quotes: behoove, fascinating, bloody, DAAAAAVID!!!

Ask him for his statistically optimized recipe of BananaBread?

Likes the VideoGames StarS!, MineSweeper?, StarCrack, various other strategy games, and ChronoTrigger. (He wrote a 1,700-word review of StarS! in one hour for ProfZ?'s version of LSD.)

Has an uncanny resemblance to Curious George


--Kai going into the kitchen and seeing open tuna cans maybe fifteen minutes after partakeing of said food.
(Risoto - lets just say it contains rice, tomatoe sauce, tunafish, peas, carrots, corn, green beans, celery, green pepper, parsly, garlic, an entire onion,...)

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