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KatieBennett probably doesn't know she has a page on here. This page was created on 11/13/08... let's see how long it takes her to find this.

is an easily distracted SillyFrosh who dislikes capital letters, rooms with GwenGroover (East 111 08-09, East 113 09-10, Atwood 114 10-11, East 123 11-12), likes books and talking about herself in the third person. Is squeaky and talks fast when suffering from an excess of emotion or homework. Katie runs XC!

Thought she was going to be an engineer, but saw the light and declared as bilology during Spring Break '10.

Is the proud non-owner of a pair of pink underwear with stripes on the waistband, due to an incident involving DrinkingJenga? and a ProctorOfVice.

Has a weak PatriNumber 2.

Katie has/had SOP 1 for roomdraw 2009, JUN 13, and SEN 176.

books: bujold, the liaden universe, david weber, tamora pierce, the bartimaeus trilogy, harry potter, the talent series by anne mccaffrey, jodi picoult. has recently started investigating historical fiction. intends to read the works of rumi. someday. basically likes all books.

food: bread, cookies, carbs, apples!, pomegranates, tangerrrrines, grapefruit.

favorite smileys include:

likes hugs, requires regular cuddling and frequent sunshine.


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